Valle de Uco

Valle de Uco, Mendoza[two_third_fw]


Located on the Andes foothills, 200km (124mi) far from Mendoza city center, this valley is made up by the departments: Tunuyán (1,000m.a.s.l.), Tupungato (1,000m.a.s.l.) and San Carlos (1,100m.a.s.l.). The vineyards are irrigated with Tunuyán and Tupungato rivers.

Winters are severe. Summers are warm with warm days and very cold nights. It has a wide temperature range of 15° contributing to an excellent production, raw material suitable to obtain wine of lengthy aging. The average temperature is 14°C (57°F).

As regards the relief, visitors may appreciate, westwards: the main mountain range (Tupungato volcano hill) and the frontal one (Cordón del Plata, Cordón del Potrerillo and Maipo volcano); eastwards: stone covering foothills and southwards: Depresión de los Huarpes (depression). This area is characterized by the richness of water, springs, streams, fountainhead and glaciers. The main rivers, among others, are: Diamante, Tunuyán, Tunas and Grande.

The combination of high altitude; irrigation; a calcareous, stony soil of alluvial origin, with proper drainage and mean depth; more than 250 sunny days in the year and little rain contribute to grapevine growing. These climatic and geographic conditions render an excellent ripening and concentration of the fruit which in turn, provide deep colors, intense bouquet, pleasant flavors and considerable texture.

As regards the flora, the prevailing vegetation is an open and low sub-bushy thicket, although it constitutes a fruit growing region outstanding for the quality of its vineyards and fruit trees such as apple, nut, peach, plum and vegetables as potatoes. The fauna of the region includes a great variety of bird species: condor, buzzard, falcon, eaglet, chimango, charango, owl, loica, southern lapwing and mallard, among others. In this area, there are also red foxes, liebres de castilla (hares), pumas, armadillos, guanacos and lizards.

It is the province´s youngest wine-making touristic region where you can find wineries of impressive architecture and design. Most of them are modern, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and mainly premium wine-oriented. Apart from the notable premium wine tourism, people can practice adventure tourism activities (horseback riding, rafting, rappel and paragliding) and visit the historic places along General San Martín route where people can learn about his liberating heroic deed.

The magnificent landscape of hills invites visitors to experience a new lifestyle where they may immerse in a rural environment and enjoy rustic ranches, day-trips to camp-sites beside delightful streams, treats with exquisite local cuisine specialties, outings to appreciate the landscape and the distinctive peace of mind of the Cuyo environment. Valle de Uco is an exciting destination to discover. It holds touristic wineries you may visit, have lunch and sleep.


Valle de Uco, Mendoza

Recommended places

If you are planning to visit Valle de Uco, you must consider the annual temperature, which varies according to altitude, is approximately 20°C (68°F), with a temperature range of 15°C (59°F). The annual rainfall is 220mm (9in).

The places not-to-miss in Tupungato are: Parque provincial Tupungato, Reserva Natural del Cóndor Andino (fishing) and Quebrada del Cóndor.

In Tunuyán, Reserva Natural Manzano Histórico, Chorro de la Vieja, Portillo Argentino and Fiesta Nacional de la Tonada (in February every year) are the must-visit places. San Carlos also features beautiful landscapes and a rich history to know. We recommend Reserva Natural Laguna del Diamante, Rutas del Ejército Libertador through Portillo crossing, Museo Histórico Fuerte San Carlos, Museo de Ciencias Naturales, El Cajón de Gateado, Caminos de Altamira, Vieja Ruta 40 y the bars tour. There, people celebrate the Oregano, Tomato and Tradition province festivals.

Tourist Wineries:

–        Andeluna Cellars

–        Atamisque

–        Bodega Hinojosa

–        Diamandes

–        Finca 8

–        Finca La Celia

–        Salentein

–        Sophenia



Distances to the main points from the city center of Tunuyán:

  • To Mendoza City: 145 mi
  • To San Juan City: 248 mi
  • To Salta City: 916 mi
  • To Córdoba City: 426 mi
  • To Capital Federal: 611 mi
  • To Santiago de Chile: 334 mi


Official Website:

Caminos del Vino del Valle de Uco



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